Kim Lepine was born and raised in a picturesque little community on the Ottawa River in the province of Quebec, Canada. Twenty-three years ago, Kim moved to the nearby scenic village of Calabogie, Ontario, where she raised two beautiful children.

Since childhood, Kim's unwavering desire to paint has led her to study various techniques in oil painting and abstract acrylic painting on canvas. Through years of experience, she has developed her own unique style in bringing the canvas to life.

Inspired by the beauty of the Madawaska Valley where every season offers a gallery of nature's best, Kim's passion to capture the moment is apparent in each special piece. Recognized through her paintings of the surrounding area including many celebrated tourist destinations, visitors and locals are delighted to find such a keepsake in her paintings.

As of July 1, 2012, Kim will have a small gallery of her paintings available for sale at 1100 Francis Street in Calabogie. For more information about her art, custom work, and prints, please email Kim.

Blue Heron